Effective Marketing starts with Intelligent Acquisition.


Effective Marketing starts with Intelligent Acquisition.

  • Acquire, Activate and ENGAGE
    your most valuable customers
  • Enabling Elevated PERFORMANCE
    Integrated monetization solutions for publishers
  • Providing Actionable INSIGHTS
    enabling a deeper understanding of your customers and audience

Who We Are

Fluent is an Ad Tech company that specializes in new customer acquisition. We have a suite of advertising products that help our clients identify and ultimately acquire the right customers with the highest likelihood of becoming brand loyal.

Founded in 2010 in New York City, Fluent is one of the fastest growing Companies in Ad Tech working with some of the World’s Largest Brands and New Market Leaders. We have redefined Return on Investment through a suite of Personalized Performance Solutions designed to deliver results through a more comprehensive understanding of consumer’s needs and interests.

Our Clients
  • Fluent’s superior targeting technology, ease of implementation, and ability to deliver quality at scale is what made this campaign a success. This was a unique execution in that we incorporated a social component… and Fluent knew exactly what to do in order to get the best results.

    Andrea Harrison Director of Digital Strategy, Pepsi
  • TBC recently partnered with Fluent on a program for Smart Balance. We thoroughly enjoyed working with their team and we appreciate the expertise they brought to the table in terms of media planning and execution, and adapting a relevant, acquisition-focused creative executions. The campaign yielded very promising results… and we look forward to optimizing these efforts further.

    Nichole Baccala SVP, Director of Digital Strategy, TBC

what we do

Acquire, Activate & Engage
Fluent helps advertisers acquire, activate, and understand more about their core consumers through a suite of data-driven performance solutions. Marketers utilize our exclusive network of High Engagement Inventory to connect with the exact audience interested in their product or service, helping add incremental lift to existing marketing efforts via email, social, mobile, digital and traditional content.

Our industry leading Adaptive Profiling System creates robust data profiles that enable deeper insights leading to a more personal marketing experience across web and mobile. Through our proven Perpetual Optimization method, that leverages advertiser conversion data with internal profile data, we’re able to hone in on consumers with the highest likelihood of engaging long-term and becoming brand loyal.
Integrated Monetization Solution
Fluent's ad-serving technology meets a wide range of publisher needs. We enable a real-time dialogue with consumers, allowing for a deeper understanding of each publisher’s audience so we can connect them with only the most relevant brands and generate the strongest returns. Our solutions were created with the publisher in mind; easily integrated and flexible enough to function across a diverse range of inventory on both web and mobile.

Our Adaptive Profiling System leverages engaging content to give our publishers an invaluable perspective on their consumers, and helps them make sense of the data.
Providing Actionable Insights
No company has a more personal conversation with consumers across devices, channels and platforms than Fluent.

Through our exclusive performance network we facilitate a one-to-one dialog with consumers who provide comprehensive profile information; insights about the brands and services they buy and are loyal to, opinions, interests and desires. Fluent converts this vast amount of data into detailed Ethnographies, enabling the Brand to create more personal and relevant advertising to their consumers and prospective customers.

With one of the largest consumer Ethnography databases, we’re able to provide brands with a more sophisticated understanding of their consumers, leading to higher Performance.

Our Technology

We go beyond traditional ad-serving to an environment that is wholly native, seamlessly weaving a real-time dialogue and facilitating productive partnerships between advertisers, publishers and agencies. Giving you the power to increase sales and engage customers, while building your presence across both mobile and web.

With the help of an Adaptive Profiling System, we can highlight and target your ideal audience. By drawing upon consumers’ personal interests, preferences, and opinions along with device, browsing, geo-location, social media and metadata, we identify the exact profile and creative delivery that will engage the consumer and provide the best results.

Our analytics scorecard integrates this profile data with actual purchase behavior and conversion information in real-time to efficiently and rapidly identify your most valuable customers.

Meet the team

Ryan Schulke

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Conlin


Sean Cullen

EVP, Product

Dan Barsky

General Counsel

Ryan Perfit

VP, Finance

Adam Gillman

VP, Strategic Development

Matt Koncz

VP, Business Development

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