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The Omnichannel Advantage

Omnichannel is one of the hottest buzzwords in consumer marketing right now, but just how powerful is it for driving consumer engagement and sales?

Our latest research report, “The Omnichannel Advantage”, helps answer that question with a breadth of new data and insights from American consumers. The report explores how retailers are reaching consumers through online and offline advertising channels, the impact of omnichannel marketing in driving sales, and which marketing channels are most effective at driving sales when paired with email marketing.

Our research, based on a survey of 1,802 American adults, found that:

  • More established marketing channels continue to have the widest reach: About 4 in 10 Americans reported seeing television, print and online ads from their favorite retailer in the past month. The majority of digital marketing channels are closing the gap, however, with about 3 in 10 Americans reporting engaging with mobile notifications, email newsletters, mobile shopping apps, Facebook, and online videos from their favorite retailer.
  • Broad-based channel interactions translate into more salesNearly two-thirds (62%) of consumers who are reached by their favorite retailers across over 10 channels or more make in-person purchases at least once per week. That number drops to 41% of those who are reached by 5 – 9 channels, and 40% of those who are reached across 1 – 4 channels.
  • Email pairs best with social media: Email newsletters drive more frequent purchases when paired with social media channels compared to any other medium. 56% of consumers who sign up for their favorite retailers’ email newsletters and also follow or like them on Facebook shop with them once a week or more, compared to 48% of those who sign up for email and see online display ads from those same retailers.
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