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Introducing the Email Marketing Landscape – Version 2

We are pleased to unveil our first update to Fluent’s “Email Marketing Landscape”, which we published in January. You can view and download the updated chart/slide here on Slideshare. Our first version caused a bit of a stir in the industry, but was generally well received, and even was the subject of an extensive write up in VentureBeat.

In this update, we have added 30 new vendors to the chart, and have also renamed some of the categories (and which companies are in them). If you’d like to compare, the original version is still available here. A few notes on the changes:

  • “Validation” has been renamed “Data Services.” Data validation is a data service, and many of the companies in the category offer additional data products such as attribute appends, data hygiene, custom audiences, and other products. There is one new, notable addition to the category: TowerData.
  • “Deliverability” has been renamed “Email Analytics”. Delivery monitoring is fundamentally an analytics-focused product, and many of the companies in the space have expanded their offerings to include a broader suite of analytical capabilities, such as competitive intelligence. Notable additions in this version include RivalExplorer, Email Copilot, and 250ok.
  • “Customer Analytics” and “Recommendations & Remarketing” have been merged and are now under the “Predictive & Triggered” label. This is one of the more complex group of vendors to navigate – some offer very straightforward, standalone triggered messaging capabilities (e.g., abandoned shopping cart emails), others offer a blend of triggers tied to recommendations, and some offer more sophisticated predictive modeling and analytics capabilities, blended with the ability to automate the sending of email (and in some cases, messaging across other online and offline channels). AgilOne is a leader in this space that also offers full execution/deployment capabilities (i.e., you can actually send email through the platform). Other interesting players include Rich Relevance, and the recently rebranded SmarterHQ.
  • “Real-Time” been split into 2 categories: “Contextual” and “In-Email Advertising.” While the vendors in both categories facilitate real-time, open-time personalization of emails, companies like Movable Ink and LiveClicker are more focused on the contextual personalization of first-party email newsletters (e.g., optimizing content blocks based on a user’s time, location, device, etc. at the moment of open), whereas companies like LiveIntent and PowerInbox are primarily focused on facilitating advertising in 3rd party newsletters (as well as turnkey monetization for those newsletters’ publishers).
  • New additions to the “Emerging” category. Just want to point out 2 especially cool new additions to the emerging category: First is Cordial – they have a great executive team composed of long-time industry veterans and innovators. Today, they are an ESP, but it sounds like they have a few other tricks up their sleeves in the works, and we’re excited to see where they take the business. Second is Bluecore, which has developed a new technology for triggered messaging that makes the process of setting it up much easier for marketers.
  • New additions to the “ESP” and “Email Agency” categories. A number of additions have been made to both categories. Maropost is an up-and-comer that’s been disrupting the ESP space and they’ve been the title sponsor of every email event lately (MediaPost Email Insider, MarketingSherpa, etc.) Good group of people over there and worth checking out. Zeta Interactive, StrongView, and Yesmail were other big misses on the ESP side last time around. On the agency side, we missed all sorts of great folks last time like The Relevancy Group, Shaw & Scott, and Merkle – we made sure to have them (and many others) in there this time around!

Once again, we’d like to note: 1) It would be impossible to include every company in the email marketing industry on the slide, especially all of the ESPs (there are hundreds of them). Inclusion in the chart is based on our subjective assessment of these companies’ relevance to the industry and the strength of their brands – if a company is out there on the speaking circuit, sponsoring shows, demonstrating thought leadership, etc., it will enhance their chances of being noticed, naturally. 2) Some companies don’t neatly fit in their respective categories — we did our best to put them in the categories that we felt reflect what they do best, or “lead with” from a product perspective. 3) Last but not least, yes Fluent’s logo is noticeably larger than all the others. We put this chart together, so it’s within our rights to do so ☺.

We hope you’ll find v2 of our Email Marketing Landscape useful, and as always, welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement. Look out for v3 later in the year!

Jordan Cohen As CMO of Fluent, Jordan Cohen is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy and execution. His industry insights have been featured in major news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today.
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