Introducing the EMAIL MARKETINGscape

For years, boutique investment bank LUMA Partners has been publishing its famous LUMAscapes of the digital marketing and advertising world, which attempt to visually make sense of the complex and densely populated ecosystems that exist across display, search, video, mobile, social, commerce, gaming, and marketing technology.

Email marketing and email optimization have made it onto the map in a small corner of the MARKETING TECHNOLOGYscape, but we are sure that those who work in the trenches would agree that email marketing has a broad and complicated ecosystem all of its own.

On that note, the team here at Fluent is delighted to unveil the first-ever EMAIL MARKETINGscape, which maps out the increasingly complex network of technology and service providers that are available to help email marketers expand the relevancy and effectiveness of their campaigns.

Spanning everything from subscriber acquisition to data validation, real-time targeting to customer analytics, and deliverability specialists to emerging technologies, we hope the EMAIL MARKETINGscape will serve as a resource to industry professionals at all levels of the game. In the very least, we hope it will help day-to-day practitioners better explain to their bosses how much more there is to the craft beyond hitting the “send” button!

Click here to download the EMAIL MARKETINGscape.

We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Email us at

Note: we will be presenting the EMAIL MARKETINGscape in detail on a special webinar hosted by the Email Experience Council on Wednesday, February 21st at 2pm EST. Register here:





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