Fluent is performance obssessed, customer focused.

Marketers face an uphill battle. Thanks to the proliferation of digital media and devices, there is more data available to them than ever before and using the “right” data is key to success. It has to be fresh, recently collected data in order to accurately target the right audience with the right offers and drive results. That’s where we come in. Fluent’s platform is rooted in first-party data collected in real-time on a perpetual basis to evolve how brands target and engage with consumers. We go beyond anonymous pixels and cookies and interact with real people in order to deliver scalable performance marketing programs.

We don’t have to guess what people want. We know what they want.
Which enables us to target the right audience at scale.

As the industry’s
Agile Audience Engine,

Fluent delivers high volume, high value and high velocity connections to high value customers from a single, reliable platform and solution set.

High Volume

Fluent interacts with millions of registered users across our network and captures six million survey responses from them daily. Rooted in performance, our Agile Audience Engine can connect your brand to millions of engaged, potential new customers based on the first-party data we capture every day to drive results and perpetual optimization.

High Value

Fluent was founded on the belief that modern marketers need more efficiency. Performance driven, we concentrate on delivering qualified audiences, not vanity metrics. At Fluent, your success is our success.

High Velocity

Fluent is highly responsive and enables you to capture data from real people in a 1:1 conversational way. Our technology captures consumer preferences that you can activate on in real time.

People talk. We listen. Brands win.
The Agile Audience Engine
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