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15 Customer Acquisition Tips for 2015: Tips 1-5, Design for Success

Almost everyone has a New Year’s Resolution that they want to tell you about. Whether they’re going to start working out (I’m going to the gym six times a week. And taking kickboxing classes!), cooking healthy meals at home (Have you ever heard of kale? It’s gross, but super good for you.), or getting more sleep (Eight hours a night. It’s lights out at 10pm from now on.) their goals may be lofty, but their intentions are pure.

B2C companies must, must focus their time and budgets on customer acquisition in 2015, so we’re going to lay out 15 tips over three blog posts, each focusing on a different component of customer acquisition strategy.

Your advertising creative design and copy is essential for acquisition success. Digital customers must take notice and be intrigued by your digital ads before they’re inclined to read the offer and click on the call to action. Ad creation is a delicate balance where you must sell without being overtly sales-y and offer a specific deal with mass appeal to acquire new customers.

Here are five customer acquisition design and copy tips for 2015:

  1. Use the New Year theme to your advantage: January is a time of new beginnings as the calendar starts over and the annual budgets are fresh. Utilize this period by offering discount codes to new email subscribers or running a 2015-themed sweepstakes.
  2. Offer a clean and clear call to action: The best acquisition focused ads have simple and direct offers with directions that explain exactly what customers will get after submitting their information.
  3. Create an attractive and clickable design: Involve your design team in the creative brainstorming process (i.e., before you ask them to design your final ads) and make sure that the path to acquisition is clear enough so that customers know exactly what’s expected of them and how long the process will take.
  4. Explain the benefits of opting in: In your acquisition ad, spell out why you’re asking for customer information and how it will benefit them as a consumer. Experiment with copy, such as “Please fill out the brief form below – the more we know about your interests and favorite items, the more we can customize your shopping experience!”
  5. Retarget with dynamic content: “Banner blindness” is becoming a bigger problem for digital brands as more and more consumers train themselves to ignore banner ads. To combat this, tailor the copy and special offer for each individual viewer – the more enticing and relevant the offer, the more likely they are to click.

So when you’re not tackling a new weight machine or experimenting with smoothie ingredients, you can embark upon resolutions for your business with personal, departmental, and company-wide goals.

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