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15 Customer Acquisition Tips for 2015: Tips 11-15, Be Current

Welcome to 2015. We are officially living in the mythical, far off year that Marty McFly landed in to save his family’s fate in Back to the Future Part II – and while we may not yet have personal hoverboards, we do have a plethora of digital advertising technologies and strategies that Doc Brown himself couldn’t have anticipated would someday become real.

Here are the final five customer acquisition tips for 2015, with advice and ideas for how to be current with your digital marketing endeavors:

11.   Build an arsenal of case studies: Whether they’re as brief as a one sentence quote or as involved as a 10 minute video interview, potential new customers want to hear from your current buyers.

12.   Develop digital partnerships: Successful retailers have already crafted these relationships offline, so taking them online shouldn’t seem too daunting. Cross-promote products with other brands or cohost a sweepstakes to accelerate customer acquisition for your companies.

13.   Optimize for mobile: 2014 was the first year on record in which mobile use among consumers beat desktop. Make sure your digital advertisements look picture perfect on mobile phones and tablets. Even create your mobile versions first – it’s easier to build up your design than scale back.

14.   Embrace social media: Direct your Twitter followers and Facebook fans to acquisition landing pages from your social profiles and postings. If they’re following your company from personal accounts then they already have an interest in your company, so take full advantage of it!

15.   Go green with digital receipts: This is a tactic that brands can implement both in-store and online. At time of purchase, offer to email buyers their receipts as an environmental effort and request permission to opt them in to your marketing programs

That’s it. 15 tips for 2015. Now you have a checklist for designing digital advertisements for success, targeting your customers with care, and implementing modern strategies like social media marketing and mobile optimization.

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