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15 Customer Acquisition Tips for 2015: Tips 6-10, Care about Your Customers

Now that your digital ads are perfectly designed with clean calls to action and dynamic content, you can focus your attention on the people that keep your company in business – your customers.

Digital acquisition is about broadening your brand’s online reach, capturing buyers’ information, and maintaining a relationship with them through their email, social, mobile, and the web. To really care about your customers, you must remember to treat them as individuals, not as email addresses, not as numbers in a database, not as abandoned shopping carts – but as people.

Here are tips 6-10, the second installment in our 15 customer acquisition tips for 2015 series, on how to care about your customers:

6.   Respect your customers: Your brand is a small component of their lives, so don’t sour the relationship by bombarding them with too many offers. Check in a few times a week and only send discounts or promotions that fit their interests.

7.   Know where everyone sits in the sales funnel: In order to treat customers well, you need to appreciate where they are in the customer lifecycle. Are they a first time visitor to your site? Welcome them with an introductory page where they can submit their information right there and then. Frequent shopper who hasn’t yet converted? Offer 20% off their next purchase if they sign up for your email newsletter.

8.   Re-engage inactive customers: Once again using the New Year as your jumping off point, reach out to customers who’s information you’ve already acquired, but who’s engagement with your brand or products has stalled. Offer them a buy one get one deal to revive the relationship or email them a secret promotional code before broadly publicizing it on your site.

9.   Allow feedback to be given easily: After a digital transaction, take customers to a website page where they can submit their email addresses to receive a quick, 5-minute survey about their experience with your brand.

10.   Tap into your current customer networks: Reach out to your most engaged consumers for their help in growing your digital marketing lists. Offer a one-time discount to subscribers that promote your brand on Facebook, forward your emails to five of their contacts, or mention you on Twitter. Everyone’s individual social networks are much larger than any numbers your brand can reach alone.

Make sure that your acquisition efforts span the lifetime of your customers – too many brands make huge promises with special savings for first time buyers, then ignore them going forward. Check in periodically and speak to everyone as individuals and remember, loyal customers become brand ambassadors. Cheers to a prosperous 2015!

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