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A Look At Apple’s Most Popular Products And Features

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Publication date 9/10/15

Fluent recently issued a survey to discover which Apple Inc. AAPL 2.03% products and features are most popular.

The firm’s Sean Cullen, EVP of Product & Technology, initiated the survey of a few thousand people last week, asking about their perception and use of Apple’s products and “whether or not they plan on purchasing any of the new products that are expected to launch from the event,” Cullen explained.

Lowe also shared some of the most relevant results of the survey with Benzinga. Below is a look at the highlights.

iPhone: Still The Favorite

As many might expect, the iPhone continues to be the favorite, with almost 55 percent of people declaring it as their preferred product in the Apple lineup.

The iPad came in second, being the favorite of 28.6 percent of the people surveyed. Interestingly enough, less than five out of each 100 people (4.8 percent, to be precise) said the Apple Watch was their favorite.

New Products: Which One Would You Buy?

Lowe continued, “Out of the product lineup expected to have updates from the event (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV), 45.3 percent of people said they would consider buying a new iPhone this year, and nearly 32 percent would consider buying the iPad. Only 11.7 percent would consider buying the Apple Watch, and 11.1 percent would consider buying the Apple TV.”

Size Matters

Among people who already own an iPhone, 41.2 percent declared screen size was the feature they liked the most about the device. The camera is the second runner up, with 22.5 percent of people saying it was their preferred feature.

The Touch ID feature was favorited by 15.8 percent, and 11.6 percent revealed Siri as their favorite.

It’s All About Texting And Social Media

When asked about how they use their iPhone, 24.2 percent said they use it primarily for texting and 22.3 percent said for social media. This was followed by 19.6 percent of people who said they mainly used the iPhone for email.

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