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Adotas: Fluent’s 2017 Devices And Demographics Report

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Publication date 1/23/2017

For its annual Devices and Demographics report, Fluent, a people-based marketing platform, polled nearly 3,000 adults and uncovered the latest behaviors on mobile devices, consumer preferences for online and mobile shopping, and how brands can improve their handheld experiences.

“Two things stood out to me the most in our 2017 Devices & Demographics report: First, the percentage of Americans who said they made at least one purchase using their smartphone last year grew five percent, from 37 percent who said they did in 2015 to 42 percent who said they did in 2016,” says Jordan Cohen, CMO of Fluent (pictured left).

“Perhaps the even more important revelation though was that the majority of Americans say they use smartphones as their primary devices for making purchases online,” adds Cohen. “At a recent industry conference I attended, a speaker begged the audience of ad industry execs to keep in mind that 33 percent of Americans don’t have in-home broadband. The affordability and ubiquity of smartphones has democratized online access and shopping, and I believe that is a major driver of what we are seeing in our latest research results.”

Key findings include:

* Nearly half of surveyed Americans said they made purchases on their smartphones in 2016. This number was a bit higher for women (45.3%) than men (39.9%).




















* iOS device owners were more likely to shop on mobile than Android owners.

* Easier navigation and increased speed were the top two improvements that respondents said would make them more likely to shop on mobile.

















* Younger Americans are more interested in increased speed, while older Americans are more concerned with security.

* Nearly 1 in 4 respondents said they have made a smartphone purchase after receiving a marketing email, marketing text message, or push notification about a product.





















For the complete report, click here.

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