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Apple Watch 2 release date, rumors: Design remains the same but with improved specs; arrival could be in June

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Publication date 4/13/16

The latest news on the upcoming second-generation Apple Watch is that no major changes could be in place aside from its specs enhancements.

This information was relayed by insider Ming-Chi Kuo through his research note as reported by Appleinsider. Kuo said that the new Apple Watch will have limited changes to its design. He added that expectations regarding a thinner Watch might have to wait until the 2017 upgrade when major changes could happen.

Among the competitors Apple Watch 2 has are Samsung’s Gear S2 and ASUS’ ZenWatch 2 which were both released around October 2015.

Apple Watch, released April last year, comes in two variants: 38mm and 42mm. The smaller one has 1.32-inch 272 x 340 pixels display while the other has 1.63-inch 312 x 390 pixels display. However, these gadgets only have an IPX7certification which is only good for slight water resistance. Gear S2 has an IP68 certification which enables it to withstand prolonged immersion in water. As for the ZenWatch 2, it has an IP67 certification.

Another notable disparity between these devices is the battery capacity. Gear S2 has 300 mAh while ZenWatch 2 has 400 mAh. However, Apple Watch’s high resolution smartwatch only has 250 mAh.

While these are just a few things compared to the totality of what Apple Watch has to offer, these things are expected to be upgraded on the upcoming smartwatch.

Kuo noted that Apple Watch sales were not overwhelming because of an “immature” market for this type of gadget. He speculated that only 10.6 million Apple Watch units were shipped in 2015, which is considered slightly below the company’s target. However, Apple claims that the product saw a progressive growth for each quarter since its launch.

In a survey conducted by customer acquisition firm Fluent, owners of the Apple Watch said that the convenience which the gadget provides was their reason for buying the product. Others remarked that its fashionable trait was the catch.

No official release date is available yet for the Apple Watch 2 but speculations point to June as the possible month of launching. This is based on Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference which will be held on the said month.

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