Best Practices

Mobile App Marketing: A Strategic Guide to Marketing Your App

So, you developed an app. You planned it out from start to finish, it fills a gap that you identified in the market, and it’s perfect (or close enough). You thought the work was almost […]

The Marketer’s Guide to Growing a Subscription Business

The subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100% per year over the past five years. While new players continue to enter the space, customer retention remains a major challenge for subscription marketers; more […]

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is the method by which digital advertisers pay based on an event or action as opposed to a set price. For example, marketers would pay by click, download, landing page view, install, or […]

What is First-Party Data and Why Should I Care?

If you have been in any marketing meeting over the past decade, you have probably heard lots and lots about data-driven campaigns, letting “the data do the talking”, or vague references about  “big data”. With […]

A Guide to Inbound Call Marketing: What’s the 411?

Cold calling used to be one of the greatest weapons in a salesperson’s arsenal, but then caller ID and texting came on the scene. Today, consumers will rarely answer a call from an unknown number […]

Text Message and SMS Marketing: How It Works, Best Practices, and How to Use It

As text message – also known as SMS marketing – becomes more relevant and integral to growing businesses, marketing teams ponder how to implement yet another step in the marketing funnel. Mobile shopping continues to […]

Moms’ Shopping Habits and Their Path to Purchase [Infographic]

As Mother’s Day approaches, cards and flowers will fly off the shelves. We will dote on our mothers and thank them for all that they do–which in large part, includes shopping for their kids.  Marketers […]

Avoiding CAN-SPAM: Why Lean and Mean is Best in List Management

Email has been with us for over 40 years now, with no signs that it will wane anytime soon. In fact, worldwide email usage is forecasted to top 3 billion users by 2020; great news for marketers […]

Changing the Laws of Acquisition [Whitepaper]

At Fluent, we believe there is no better way to engage a target audience than by going directly to consumers, learning about their needs, behaviors and preferences, and then serving them the right ad at […]

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