Client Spotlight: Customer Acquisition at Credit Sesame

Client Spotlight - Credit Sesame

Meet Derrick Nguyen, Senior Marketing Manager at Credit Sesame

Hailing from California, Derrick Nguyen has ten years of digital marketing experience in both domestic and international markets. Getting his start in email and eventually pivoting to mobile, Derrick has spent most of his professional career in the performance marketing space. In his current role as Senior Marketing Manager at Credit Sesame, Derrick leads customer acquisition strategy and affiliate management for the growing fintech startup.

About Credit Sesame

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Founded in 2010, Credit Sesame provides free tools for consumers to access, understand, and protect their credit score. Offering personalized recommendations for managing credit and loans, their credit management platform empowers consumers to take control of their credit and make smarter financial decisions.

Q&A with Derrick Nguyen

Check out our Q&A with Derrick below to learn more about his marketing initiatives at Credit Sesame:

What role does personalization play in acquiring new customers?

We look at key signals about the user and use these data points to match them with the right products. There is a clear value exchange taking place – once a user signs ups for our service, we provide personalized tips and product recommendations based on their credit profile and goals.

What was one of Credit Sesame’s largest marketing wins of 2019?

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Growth is a continued theme for the team at Credit Sesame. With the help of partners like Fluent, we achieved our 2019 growth goals and aim to show quarter over quarter growth in the coming year. In 2020, we are planning to evolve our feature set beyond credit score with new offerings like credit monitoring and identity protection. As always, all future functionality will align with our vision to help consumers achieve financial wellness. 

What sets Credit Sesame apart from other fintech products?

I’ve seen other apps roll out multiple products with the sole purpose of monetizing users, but the strategic direction and ultimate value to the end-user remain unclear. At Credit Sesame, we’ve spent the past ten years amassing data and focusing on our expertise in credit strategy. Today, we are investing heavily in tech and machine learning, using predictive modeling to help match consumers with the right tools to improve their credit score.

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