Client Spotlight: Mobile User Acquisition Strategy at Ibotta

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Meet Matt Rome, Sr. Marketing Associate, User Acquisition at Ibotta

Matt Rome has been working on the User Acquisition team at Ibotta for nearly two years. In his role on the UA team, Matt manages Ibotta’s paid search, programmatic media, referral program, and affiliate partners. Before Ibotta, Matt worked at a marketing agency focused on paid media.

About Ibotta

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Ibotta is a free rewards and payments app that gives consumers cash back for everyday online and in-store purchases. Partnering with over 1,500 brands and retailers, Ibotta helps users earn cash back when they shop online, complete a receipt upload, link a loyalty account, or leverage the app’s “Pay with Ibotta” mobile pay feature.

Q&A with Matt Rome

Check out our Q&A with Matt below to learn more about his marketing initiatives at Ibotta:

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What are some of the core features that have made your app so popular among consumers?

Ibotta is a one-stop-shop for getting cash back on things you already buy. We have the largest in-store and item-level offers available as well as online and app-to-app offers. You can earn cash back on grocery items, online purchases, grocery delivery and pickup – really the list goes on.

What characteristics define a quality Ibotta user? What KPIs do you look at to measure quality?

Speaking technically, our core audience is millennial women who are the primary household shopper and more likely to have children. It’s the people who like to save up on the have-to-haves and splurge on the nice-to-haves. Beyond that, our audience extends to anyone who is looking to save a little money. Who doesn’t want that?

Based on your experience, what is the largest driver of success when running a user acquisition campaign?

One of our biggest drivers of success is operating as a performance-focused team. Every dollar we spend, every new tactic we try, is driving towards increasing efficiencies and lowering CPAs.

What steps are you taking to diversify your UA strategy?

We are constantly testing and evaluating new sources of acquisition. We focus on key indicators to monitor performance and understand the value of small tests. Once we identify what is going to drive the most value to the business, we then explore ways to improve and scale.

What are some of the biggest challenges app marketers face when it comes to acquiring new users? What is Ibotta doing to address these challenges?

One of the biggest challenges we come across is advertising noise. We focus on refining and optimizing simple and easy to understand value props to keep the confusion down. If it’s too complicated or asking too much, most users won’t give you the time of day even if you’re literally giving away free money.

What are your predictions for the future of mobile shopping and savings apps? What is Ibotta doing to lead the charge in this arena?

As we navigate some crazy and confusing times, shoppers are getting more and more comfortable with doing their shopping from their couch. We just recently launched online grocery cash back where users can get cash back on item-level CPG offers for online grocery orders at retailers like Walmart, Instacart, Target, Amazon/Whole Foods, Shipt, Safeway, and more. As consumers’ needs change, Ibotta continues to provide a rewarded shopping experience no matter where customers shop.

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