Driving Political Participation: How to Engage Supporters at Scale


In May, the Democratic National Committee set new grassroots fundraising thresholds for participation in the presidential debates. While candidates competing for a shot at the presidency may be hard-pressed to meet the new fundraising criteria, the struggle to find engaged supporters at a low cost is one that has been shared by non-profit organizations, national committees, and political campaigns for decades. 

Thanks to rising acquisition costs, candidates are looking to diversify their acquisition efforts beyond traditional channels. Though Facebook ads may be an effective tool for connecting with small-dollar donors, it often costs much more than $1 to raise $1 on the platform. To navigate this numbers game and earn a spot on the debate stage this fall, presidential hopefuls have much to gain from pursuing new channels with proven conversion rates.

Fluent is the Go-To Growth Partner for Candidates & Causes

Fluent helps solve a fundamental problem for political and non-profit organizations across the political spectrum: growing the number of advocates, donors, and voters committed to candidates and causes. Leveraging self-declared insights, Fluent drives diverse audiences and qualified political donors in real time. While stale voter registration files may not align with individuals’ current party affiliation or candidate of choice, real-time data can help campaigns identify and target the audiences with the highest likelihood to take a specific action.

Across our wide network of proprietary websites, we deliver measurable outcomes for political advertisers. Whether the objective is driving people to donate, attend a rally, sign a petition, or get out to vote, Fluent enables political campaigns to acquire net-new advocates and supporters at scale.

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. Learn how Fluent helped the DCCC gain 150K donors to turn the House blue in the 2018 midterm elections and check out results we’ve driven for other partners below:

Political Infographic 2019