Fluent Data Now Available for Targeting on Facebook, via LiveRamp

Facebook Targeting

Exciting news for data buyers! Thanks to our partnership with LiveRamp, Fluent’s 100% first-party, self-declared data is now available for targeting on Facebook.

What does this mean for marketers?

Facebook Targeting - Ad Spend

According to eMarketer, advertisers are projected to spend nearly 30 billion dollars on Facebook advertising in 2019. Though they may be dedicating over 80% of their total social network ad dollars to Facebook, they often have very little insight into the quality and efficacy of data used for targeting on the platform.

This lack of visibility into data sourcing and composition can lead to missed opportunities for consumer connection (i.e. serving an ad for men’s deodorant to a 13-year-old girl) and in turn, wasted ad spend. To reach their target customers at the top of the funnel, advertisers need access to accurate consumer data. Cue Audience Now by Fluent.

Why should I choose Audience Now by Fluent segments?

Fluent offers 100% first-party data based on self-declared consumer insights. All data is volunteered by self-declared users across Fluent’s network of owned and operated websites. Utilizing LiveRamp as an onboarding partner, Fluent anonymizes consumer data and adds addressable cookies and MAIDs that can be leveraged for various targeting efforts.

According to a recent Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings study, Audience Now by Fluent segments offer outstanding precision and accuracy. For the age/gender campaign targets tested, Fluent exceeded Nielsen’s On-Target Percentage benchmarks by over 100%. This means that for a campaign powered by Fluent data, 90% of total impressions were successfully served to the target demographic, females age 25 – 44 (that’s 46 percentage points above the benchmark!).

Quality data lends itself to better advertising experiences for consumers and measurable results for brands. The more precise the data used, the more likely brands will be to reach the right consumers with the most appropriate products and offers. While third-party data lacks transparency and is often inferred, self-declared data enables more accurate targeting based on real consumer insights.

How can I access and leverage Fluent data for targeting on Facebook?

To optimize social campaigns, advertisers need an easy way to discover, license, and distribute ethically-sourced data across channels. The LiveRamp Data Store’s integration with Facebook’s Custom Audiences enables self-serve usage of verified second- and third-party data for targeting on the platform.

The data workflows are similar to onboarding CRM data to a social platform. To get started, advertisers can sign a one-time LiveRamp Data Store access agreement and opt into the consumer social platforms of interest. From here, advertisers distribute audiences for campaign targeting and report usage back to the LiveRamp Data Store for billing monthly. For more information on distributing second- and third-party Data Store audiences to Facebook, check out LiveRamp’s FAQ here