Infographic: The Medicare Buyer’s Path to Purchase

Medicare Buyer

The annual Medicare open enrollment period is in full swing, and this year we surveyed 10K+ Americans, ages 65 and over, to help health insurance providers better understand consumers’ needs and preferences. From attitudes toward current coverage to the Medicare buyer’s path to purchase, our latest Fluent Pulse survey explores the factors that help consumers decide which coverage is right for them.

Key Medicare Buyer Findings:

  • 33% of consumers are either dissatisfied or neutral toward their current Medicare coverage.
  • 25% of eligible seniors are likely to enroll in or change their Medicare plans this year. 
  • 37% say that speaking to a live agent is most likely to help them choose a new plan.

High rates of dissatisfaction with current Medicare coverage present an opportunity for health insurance providers to convert new customers. Check out the infographic below for more insight into the Medicare buyer’s decision journey, and learn why a strong focus on education – especially via the call center channel – will be key to driving new business during open enrollment.

Medicare Buyer's Path to Purchase Infographic

Download the full infographic here, and check out The Health Insurance Provider’s Guide to Medicare Open Enrollment for a deeper dive into our Fluent Pulse survey findings.