Fluent’s Political Pulse Returns for 2020 Election Season

Political Pulse by Fluent

Fluent is excited to relaunch our award-winning Political Pulse site ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Powered by first-party, self-declared data, the Political Pulse offers insight into the hot button issues that matter most to US adults today. Interacting with nearly 1 million Americans daily across our owned and operated portfolio of sites, we leverage our real-time survey capabilities to better understand voter sentiment and behavior. All results are weighted based on US Census for gender, age, and income to help ensure overall representativeness.

This Week in Politics

This Thursday, ten presidential candidates will take the stage in Houston, Texas for the third round of Democratic debates. Stringent qualification requirements enforced by the DNC have narrowed the playing field, making this the first debate to feature all the top-tier candidates together on one stage. Ahead of the debates, 27% of Americans remain unsure of their plans to vote, with nearly 19% reporting they do not intend participate next November. Regardless of intention to vote, only 32% of US adults want to see Trump re-elected next year.

In the wake of the deadly mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, it’s no surprise that 37% of Americans believe that gun violence is the top social issue facing the nation today. In response to the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso last month, Walmart recently announced that it will stop selling handgun ammunition and “short-barrel rifle ammunition” that can be used on assault-style weapons. The big-box retailer will also prohibit open carry in its stores and is actively pushing Congress to enact gun safety measures. 61% of Democrats agree with Walmart’s decision to end the sale of handguns and some ammunition in their stores, while only 37% of Republicans and 38% of Independents share this sentiment.

Immigration and climate change are also likely to be discussed at this Thursday’s debates. While the total number of arrests at the border has decreased by 22% from July to August, the border crisis is still top of mind – 30% of Americans believe that immigration is the top policy issue facing the US right now. Climate change is also quickly becoming one of the most divisive issues of the 2020 primary. With sharp divides over full fracking bans and the use of nuclear energy emerging from CNN’s seven-hour climate town hall last week, the climate conversation is likely to carry over to the debate stage this Thursday. Today, only 13% of Americans identify climate change as a top social issue.

You can find more learnings from this week’s survey here. Check back weekly for new data on the most pressing political issues leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

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