Life at Fluent

A Decade in Review: Our Top 10 Favorite Fluent Memories

At Fluent, we love the work we do and the people we do it with. As a fast-growing organization with big ideas for transforming digital marketing, we are constantly seeking new ways to connect, learn, innovate, and succeed as a team. In honor of our 10th Anniversary, we’re sharing some of the special moments and memories we’ve made along the way.

John Church – Director, Client Onboarding, Fluent          

“My favorite memories include company-wide events like Field Days, Strategy Days, Anniversary Celebrations, Christmas parties, etc. There is a sense of camaraderie that Fluent promotes that is so very unique and something I have not experienced in my past companies. To me, Fluent has always been about the people, and this is a very strong message that is propagated from Senior Management on down through the organization.”

Maggie Miller – VP, Technical Product Management, Fluent       

“My favorite Fluent memory was traveling down to North Carolina with the team of developers and product managers responsible for building Fluent’s new survey management tool. We worked hard and got so much accomplished in a short time! We also really bonded as a team over the course of the week together.”

Carl Augustin – Director, Publisher Development, Fluent             

“Some of my favorite memories include attending trade-shows in Asia and Europe with the media team. It has been amazing to experience new countries and cultures, all while generating lucrative business opportunities for the company — truly the best-case scenario imaginable.”

Melissa Lawrence – Marketing Events Coordinator, Fluent          

“One of my favorite memories was helping to organize the NASDAQ bell-ringing in celebration of Fluent’s first year as a standalone public company. It was great bringing each of our offices together to celebrate as a team. I also really enjoyed Fluent’s annual scavenger hunt, as well as the Hispanic Heritage Month lunch when we got to feast and learn about the home cuisines from so many of our peers!”

Graham Edwards – People Associate, Fluent      

“Friendsgiving last November was an absolute blast! It was great being able to come together as a company to enjoy great food and spend time with my fellow colleagues.”

Sierra Underhill – Campaign Manager, AdParlor

“I’ve always heard of company acquisitions and, oftentimes, the stories weren’t positive. However, since Fluent acquired AdParlor in 2019, I have truly felt so welcomed each time I’ve been around any of the Fluent team members. The People Team did their best to make sure I had recommendations in New York while I was there on an extended trip after a client meeting. That experience will always stay with me!”

Alice Ly – Senior Manager, Branded Content, Fluent

“It’s always so much fun running around with the team throughout the office and shooting video for social media. Periodically we’ll have to stop for a moment and explain to confused co-workers, ‘This is for work, we swear!'”

Lorien Masters – Senior Manager, People Team, AdParlor

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to visit the Fluent HQ during the holiday season. Finally getting to meet my team in person, it was so welcoming, and everyone was so lovely, I was so sad to leave. New York City is so beautiful during the holidays, but being able to spend them with the People Team was the icing on the cake.”

Tim Antoian – Senior Director, Publisher Development, Fluent

“I’ve been with Fluent for nearly nine years, and all the conferences, travel, and experiences I’ve had with my team have made it so memorable. We’ve grown extremely close and have had an awesome time doing it.”

Ashley Chicola – Content Marketing Manager, Fluent

“My favorite moments are the ones spent with my team. Whether we’re laughing together at a team outing, collaborating on a new project, or simply checking in while working from home, I am so lucky to be part of a team that lifts one another up and is truly invested in the shared success of the group.”

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