Top Tech Companies and Why They Are Here to Stay

As technology companies continue to crop up, the bar for innovation is set almost out of reach, even outside of Silicon Valley. Start-ups rise and fall in the blink of an eye, dependent on tough investors and needs that can outlast trends. In this new era of technological revolution, a few top tech companies stand above the crowd: Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook.

In fact, these four were ranked by Americans as the most likely to be around in 50 years, with Google standing at 33% likelihood, followed closely by Amazon, then Apple and Facebook. Google was named the most necessary of the top tech companies, with 41% of Americans saying it would be the hardest to live without.

Achieving Indispensability: Top Tech Companies (We Think) We Can’t Live Without

Google’s offerings are diverse – everything from AdWords and Maps to Google Drive, Chromecast, and Pixel Phones – however, over 90% of their revenue comes from one source: pay per click advertising. Though most people use a Google product every day, either running a search on the engine (65%), checking their Gmail (63%), finding directions via Google Maps (57%), these venues are unfortunately not profitable for this top tech company. If PPC advertising was suddenly eliminated or cheapened, this top tech company, as well as Facebook, would need to find a new way to make money, fast. Even if this were the case, no challenge is too large for a company with a product so valuable, it was turned into a verb.

Which of these companies do you think are most likely to exist in 50 years? Total US Age 18-34 Age 35+
Google 33% 38% 31%
Amazon 29% 24% 31%
Apple 21% 23% 21%
Facebook 17% 15% 17%

Amazon similarly has diverse offerings in its online marketplace, expanding into food delivery and phone manufacturing. Playing into the growing demand for convenience, this online marketplace will certainly grow as Generation Z emerges with high expectations and discerning brand choices.

According to our data, Apple has cultivated a cult-like following among its consumers. Once a customer enters the Apple ecosystem, they never leave; nearly 80% self-report brand loyalty and almost 50% of iPhone owners say they have owned at least 4 iPhones. All things considered, 67% of Apple customers believe the iPhone is the best smartphone on the market and by 2020, Apple is expected to have 45% of the tablet market share. If Apple continues to impress their consumer base, they should have no trouble sticking around for 50 years.

Top Tech Companies Face the Future

Though flying cars and other-planetary colonization is not on the horizon quite yet, Americans still have high hopes for the future. Most (40%) believe that in 50 years, 100% of the energy on Earth will come from renewable sources, like wind or solar.

How likely do you believe that in 50 years… (% Very likely) Total US Age 18-34 Age 35+
100% of energy on Earth will come from renewable sources, such as Solar 40% 33% 42%
Self-driving cars will become widely available 38% 33% 39%
People will 3-D print clothing and other consumer goods at home 22% 25% 21%
People will vacation on the moon 13% 15% 12%

We also asked Americans which innovations were most likely to happen in the next 50 years and there were some obvious front-runners: Wi-Fi everywhere on the planet, self-driving cars, a cure for cancer, and 100% renewable energy.The likelihood of self-driving cars populating our highways could be much more obtainable, as Google, General Motors, and Tesla attempt to conquer that well-publicized innovation. These cars are even being tested today and could be on the streets of Manhattan next year, legalized through legislation passed with New York’s 2018 budget. This might be why Lyft, Uber, and other ride-sharing companies don’t make the list of top tech companies that will last…

Which of the following innovations do you think are most likely to happen in the next 50 years? Please select all that apply. Total US Age 18-34 Age 35+
Wi-fi everywhere on the planet 54% 49% 55%
Self-driving cars widely used 47% 44% 48%
Cure for cancer 47% 46% 48%
100% of energy coming from renewable sources 43% 38% 44%
Human like robots 36% 37% 35%
3-D printing of products at home 35% 37% 34%
Learn to grow organs in a test tube 28% 25% 29%
Vacations on the moon 16% 17% 15%
Teleportation travel 12% 18% 11%
None of the above 9% 11% 9%

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, and Tesla seem to be the driving force behind true futuristic innovation. From driverless cars and artificial intelligence to hyperloop travel and wearable tech, they are focused on the “moonshot” technology – perhaps supporting 18% of 18 – 34-year-old’s belief that teleportation will become available in the next 50 years.

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Fluent is a data-driven marketing company. Fluent’s Technology survey was conducted online within the United States by Fluent, LLC on October 25, 2017, among 3,240 adults (aged 18 and up). Due to rounding, percentages may not always add up to 100%. Fluent’s proprietary ad serving technology includes a real-time survey module that was used to facilitate the data collection for this study. Respondents were randomly selected and data were weighted to US Census 2010 population distribution.