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Brick-and-Mortar Remains Best Fit for Apparel Shoppers

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Publication date 8/20/15

Apparel shoppers eye price tags when on the lookout for their next purchase, based on recent research by Fluent. When the July 2015 study asked US internet users about the most important factors while shopping for clothing, nearly three in 10 cited price. Comfort came in second, at 22.5%, while brand (13.4%), celebrity endorsements (11.0%) and style trailed further behind (10.3%). Quality materials (5.4%) and trends (1.1%) had little influence.

Respondents were far and away more likely to buy clothing in-store. Fully 55.0% of respondents said they primarily purchased clothing in a physical store, vs. 21.2% who said the same about digital. Women overindexed for in-store buying, while males were slightly more likely than females to check out online.

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Clothing retailers are looking to gather data about those in-store customers.

According to research conducted earlier this year by Edgell Knowledge Network, 68% of US apparel and accessories retailers cited point-of-sale platforms as a data source used for in-store customer engagement, and more than four in 10 used loyalty cards, in-store Wi-Fi or store kiosks. According to the US Department of Commerce, US clothing and accessories store retail sales hit an all-time high last year, coming in at $253.59 billion. This represented an 8.2% share of total retail sales—a percentage that has held relatively steady since 2006. eMarketer estimates that this year, US apparel and accessories ecommerce sales will rise 14.3% to reach $63.49 billion, accounting for 18.6% of total retail ecommerce sales.

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