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Business Insider: Here’s why the next Apple Watch might fail to excite consumers

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Publication date 8/31/2016

Apple Watch


US consumers are showing a discerning lack of excitement for upcoming Apple Watch models, according to a new survey from Fluent.

Just 21% of participants think the upcoming announcement next month is a big deal. This is concerning news for Apple and watchOS developers that were hoping the launch of the next line of Apple Watches would drive up adoption of the devices.

Around 8% of respondents said they have an Apple Watch. Furthermore, just 10% of said they “definitely will” purchase or upgrade to a new smartwatch in the next year, and 15% “probably will.” 

A major drawback for smartwatch adoption is the lack of distinct use cases offered by the devices. Specifically, consumers want to be able to connect to the internet without a tethered smartphone. Roughly 45% of survey participants noted this as the most important rumored improvement expected in the new Apple Watch. Moreover, 43% of participants view LTE connectivity as either a critical feature or an important upgrade.

Unfortunately, this rumor has largely been ruled out due to battery constraints. Nevertheless, Apple could surprise consumers with the new feature.

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