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Can the new ‘Siri’ ramp up iPhone 7 sales? Outlook not so good

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Publication date 6/9

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 7 this September despite word that the next flagship will be coming out with minor changes.

With Apple saving its revamp to next year for the iPhone 8, many are wary of getting the iPhone 7 because of such. The minimal changes could sway Apple loyalist to get one still but it may all depend on the feature that captures their savvy.
Most of the improvements that the iPhone 7 will have to offer will come from within. Among the changes the upcoming Apple flagship will carry include the iteration of the 3.5 mm jack to make it thinner. In its place is a Lightning port that also signals the possible inclusion of new earphones for use aside from potential Bluetooth-powered headsets.

Aside from that, Apple will reportedly change its base model from the traditional 16 GB and jack it up to 32 GB for more storage. The move would make the iPhone 7 the first in the Apple roster to forego the 16 GB storage but seeing how files have ballooned due to resolution these days, some are skeptic about the change.

Then there is the change in the dual-lens camera which could account for better images. Tying that up with the bumped minimum 32 GB storage, the said features may not be enough to convince buyers to get an iPhone 7 other than because they have made it a habit.

How about that expected Siri-SDK that Apple will reportedly announced at WWDC 2016? In a pre-WDC survery, 42% indicated that they would “somewhat more likely” consider getting the iPhone 7 if the voice-recognition assistant were to be improved.

But even with an improved “Siri” feature, Apple is unlikely to get any headway from it since consumers want significant improvements and change that will make the next iPhone stand out.

“Overall, Apple needs to recapture that wow factor, and could potentially do so with more aggressive moves into the automotive and television markets,” Jordan Cohen, CMO for Fluent told AppleInsider.

From afar, it doesn’t look like “Siri” will make a difference and the best Apple can hope for are the customers who want to get an iPhone each year out of loyalty and to have the latest model Apple has to offer. As far as sales forecast is concerned, Apple is pretty much aware of where they stand with the upcoming iPhone 7.


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