Jump Ramp Games Exceeds Benchmarks for Customer Lifetime Value By 30%


After launching Lucktastic, a casual mobile gaming app that offers users a chance to win real prizes and earn rewards every day, Jump Ramp Games wanted to increase awareness and drive app installs at scale, but was limited by the lack of enough relevant, in-app inventory to advertise on. Given the synergies between Fluent’s massive mobile web user base and Jump Ramp’s target audience for Lucktastic, the company called on Fluent to execute a targeted acquisition campaign designed to drive thousands of app installs each month.


Jump Ramp partnered with Fluent to acquire engaged Android users with very specific psychographic characteristics. Beyond just driving new users to download the app, Jump Ramp was specifically interested in users who would engage with the app immediately and continue to play regularly. Fluent’s proprietary survey platform pre-qualified users to ensure that they met the profile of highly engaged app installers and users. Campaign feedback data was used to perpetually optimize ad targeting, resulting in ongoing increases in install volume and engagement levels.

“Fluent is a highly differentiated partner in the app install marketplace. Their unique mobile web inventory has enabled us to exceed our monthly user acquisition goals, and their approach to pre-qualifying each individual through self-declared user insights has generated exceptional engagement levels.” – Ngozi Ogbonna, Mobile Acquisition Marketing Lead Jump at Ramp Games


In the first month of the campaign, Fluent drove tens of thousands of installs of Lucktastic. With continuous optimization, that number increased by over 50% in the second month. More importantly, those installs were by engaged users who opened the app and played regularly, hitting Jump Ramp’s internal benchmark for retention and exceeding the benchmark for lifetime value by 30% within just 2 months of launching the campaign.

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