Verde Energy Grows Spend by 20X, Making Fluent Top Customer Acquisition Partner


In 2012, Verde Energy began searching for a partner to create a new customer acquisition channel whereby leads generated online would be converted offline via opt-in, outbound telemarketing campaigns. They were specifically focused on creating a process where as soon as an individual would complete a lead generation form, they would receive a call from a Verde sales representative within minutes, if not sooner.


Verde Energy teamed up with Fluent to target and acquire new customers, at a level of volume that would enable them to achieve the economies of scale necessary to support high volume call center operations. They leveraged Fluent’s turnkey geo-targeting to only serve ads to individuals within the states they had operations in, and who explicitly stated through Fluent’s proprietary survey that they wanted to receive phone calls about saving money on their energy bill. Over the course of the campaign, Verde also learned that renters were more likely to change energy providers than home owners, so more ads were targeted to consumers who self identified as renters as well. Importantly, all ads served by Fluent included clear and conspicuous disclosures in order to ensure compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

“Fluent’s powerful campaign optimization feedback loop, and ability to perform precise targeting and lookalike modeling at a massive scale has made them one of our most important marketing partners.” – Tony Menchaca, Chief Marketing Officer at Verde Energy


Initially having started its campaigns at a very low volume, Verde rapidly recognized the value of Fluent’s platform and has grown its investment in the platform by over 20X between 2013 and 2015. The company currently uses the platform to generate hundreds of thousands of qualified leads per month, and out of all of the online channels and other partners used by Verde to generate leads – including search, CPC, paid traffic, organic, and referrals – Fluent has become its largest partner for customer acquisition.

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