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The Weekly Standard: Comeuppance for Hillary

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Publication date 7/25/2016

The Scrapbook was amused to see a poll this week from the digital marketing firm Fluent, reporting that 46 percent of voters say they’ve seen a “Trump for President” TV ad—despite the fact that no such ads have run. In fact, Trump’s imaginary ads have been seen by nearly as many voters as have seen the 31,000 real ads that have been aired by Clinton and her super-PACs (52 percent).

The Trump campaign’s reluctance to pay for ads comes, presumably, from a combination of poor fundraising and lots of free media. Nonetheless, Trump ads are inevitable in the long run, and—ambivalent about Trump as we are—The Scrapbook looks forward to one anti-Hillary ad in particular. (One it’s frankly surprised it hasn’t seen yet.)

In early May, while she was campaigning in Kentucky, Clinton attacked Trump’s off-the-cuff style: “He just kind of throws things out, and people say, maybe he doesn’t really mean it. When you are running for and serving as president, you’d better mean what you say.”

The Scrapbook expects to see that video clip—Hillary saying “when you are running for and serving as president, you’d better mean what you say”—edited into clips of Hillary saying she supports TPP and opposes it, saying she supports NAFTA and opposes it, saying she opposes gay marriage and supports it, saying she favors the Keystone pipeline and opposes it, saying she opposes drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens and supports them, saying she was under sniper fire in Bosnia and she wasn’t. Et cetera, et cetera.

Add those to the now-famous clip of Trey Gowdy questioning FBI director James Comey on Hillary’s email use: “Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified in her emails either sent or received, was that true?” “That’s not true,” says Comey. “Secretary Clinton said she used just one device, was that true?” “She used multiple devices,” says Comey. And so forth.

Given Mrs. Clinton’s latest escape from justice, The Scrapbook looks forward to a late-summer and autumn filled with comeuppance.

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