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Creating Memorable, Shareworthy Email Experiences [Infographic]

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Publication date 9/28/15

All marketers want to create relevant experiences for their email subscribers, but unfortunately the vast majority are not succeeding on a regular basis, according to joint research by Litmus and Fluent. We asked US consumers if they’d received a memorable promotional email in the past 2 months from any of the brands they subscribed to and only 21% said that they had.

This stands in fairly sharp contrast to how memorable marketers think their emails are. Earlier this month, we asked visitors to the Litmus blog: “What percentage of your subscribers would say they received a memorable promotional email from your brand in the past two months?”


A slim majority of marketers had a pretty honest assessment of their emails, saying that 20% or fewer of their subscribers would say they’d received a memorable email from them. However, more than a fifth of marketers think the majority of their subscribers are receiving memorable emails from them, which seems highly unlikely.

While how memorable a brand’s emails are seems like a rather academic question, the answer correlated strongly with whether consumers had forwarded the emails to others and had shared the email content via social media. These are high-value actions that all marketers want to foster and encourage.

In the infographic below, we share the full results of our consumer survey and identify specific tactics that marketers can use to create more memorable, shareworthy emails, drawing upon our recent research into mobile-friendly email and landing page trendsand into viral email behavior.


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