Data Solutions

Transform your omnichannel
marketing strategy with declared data.

Reliable data that matters for your business.

As one of the largest marketing platforms in the industry, Fluent captures attributes from nearly 30 million consumers monthly. Fluent empowers omnichannel marketers to build their own first-party data assets and reach high-value audiences across channels and devices.

Registration-Based Data
Target precise audience segments built 1:1 with data that is never modeled or inferred.

Incremental Reach
Establish consumer connections you can’t find elsewhere and create a relationship you own.

Real Addressability
Leverage first-party insights across platforms for omnichannel engagement and measurement.

Scale your business with unique attributes,
direct from consumers.

With an opt-in registration process grounded in transparency, Fluent’s data solutions are always CCPA and GDPR compliant, enabling brands to reach incremental audiences in a privacy-safe way. With access to declared consumer attributes, marketers are empowered with a strong data foundation to win.

First-Party Data Generation

Fluent’s platform empowers the world’s leading brands to cultivate exclusive first-party data assets – and consumer relationships – that can be applied and measured throughout the customer journey.

  • Build first-party data assets that are customizable by attributes like brand preferences, demographics, and others.
  • Activate data for targeting across programmatic, connected TV, email, and social.
  • Establish KPIs and customize a program and pricing model that align with business goals.

Ideal for marketers interested in:

First-party profiles

Cross-channel targeting



Competitive conquesting

Did you know?

79% of consumers are willing to share relevant information about themselves in exchange for branded experiences where their interests are known and understood.1

Programmatic Audiences

Unlike third-party data, Fluent audiences are comprised exclusively of deterministic data from opted-in consumers. From individual to household level segments, our transparent taxonomy allows buyers to select the desired degree of accuracy and scale needed to achieve their campaign goals.

  • Access Fluent’s custom and syndicated audiences in 500+ platforms, including DSPs, DMPs, CTV, and OTT.
  • Leverage Fluent’s survey capability to build seed audiences delivered to your DMP or LiveRamp account.
  • Apply audience segments to measurement or customer profiling efforts to maximize results.

Ideal for marketers interested in:

Programmatic targeting

Social media targeting

CTV targeting

Data licensing

Surpassing industry benchmarks up to 204%

Testing up to 93% accurate for on-target delivery, Fluent audience segments exceed Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings’ (DAR) industry leading benchmarks by up to 204%.2

Upholding data privacy and integrity.

We partner with several of the industry’s leading organizations and platform providers to help advertisers activate their data assets in a privacy-safe, consumer-first way.


  • 1. State of the Connected Customer, 2nd Edition, Salesforce, 2019
  • 2. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) Study, 2019

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