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Did Super Bowl Fans Throw Attention at Social?

Over three in 10 viewers followed along on Facebook, 15.7% on Twitter 

What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl this year? Among US mobile users who watched the game surveyed by Fluent in February 2015, just over half (50.7%) said it was the game itself. About a quarter preferred the half-time show, and nearly one in five said they liked the commercials most—even after Nationwide’s downer.

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Pairing the Super Bowl with social media remains a minority activity, but the minority is substantial. More than three in 10 respondents said they followed along on Facebook during the game, while 15.7% said the same of Twitter—particularly impressive considering just 20.4% of US internet users will actually use Twitter this year on a monthly basis, according to eMarketer estimates.

Smartphone operating system had an effect on social engagement, though it changed depending on the social network. While Android users were 6.1 percentage points more likely than iPhone users to follow on Facebook during the Super Bowl, iPhone users were 7.9 percentage points more likely than Android users to check Twitter. Instagram, followed by 20.0% of respondents, also tilted in favor of iPhones.

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These Super Bowl viewers were distinctly not enamored of spots like Nationwide’s, too. When asked about their favorite ads this year, only 6.5% mentioned “thought-provoking” ones, like the insurance firm’s PSA about accidental death. Many of this year’s ads tugged on viewers’ heartstrings, but two-thirds of respondents still liked the funny ones best. More than a quarter said that past Super Bowl commercials had persuaded them to buy from a brand, with another three in 10 admitting they weren’t sure, so the spots remain important in consumers’ as well as advertisers’ minds.

According to Kantar Media, this year’s Super Bowl featured 39 minutes and 45 seconds of brand ad time, down slightly from 41 minutes in 2014 but up compared with ad time during 2011, 2012 and 2013. Total ad time during Super Bowl XLIX clocked in at 48 minutes and 25 seconds, including NFL promos and network promos.

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