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eMarketer: Black Friday enthusiasm high for U.S. internet users

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Publication date 11/3/2016

US internet users are enthusiastic about holiday shopping, and that includes Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. According to a September 2016 survey from Accenture, over two-thirds of US internet users plan to shop on Black Friday this year, and nearly as many plan to take part in Cyber Monday “festivities.”

US Internet Users Who Plan to Shop on Thanksgiving*, Black Friday** and Cyber Monday***, Sep 2016 (% of respondents)

While enthusiasm for Thanksgiving Day shopping is lower than for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, nearly 50% of US internet users surveyed still said they planned to shop that day.

Some of Black Friday’s, and, in particular, Cyber Monday’s enthusiasm comes from US millennials, nearly 50% of whom said they would shop for Cyber Monday deals on their smartphones.

A September 2016 survey from Fluent corroborates that data.

US Internet Users Who Plan to Shop on Black Friday* and Cyber Monday**, by Age, Sep 2016 (% of respondents in each group)

Nearly half of US internet users surveyed ages 18 to 44 said they plan to shop on Black Friday; about 45% said the same for Cyber Monday.

When it comes to those ages 45 and older, 32% said they were planning to shop on Black Friday. More said they planned to shop on Cyber Monday—but still far fewer than among the younger set.

Meanwhile, RetailMeNot’s August 2016 survey found that 40% of US internet users ages 25 to 34 planned to make a digital purchase on Black Friday, the highest of any age group surveyed.

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