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Fluent and CAKE Team Up for an Exclusive Webinar: Marketing to the Price-Conscious, Multi-Channel Shopper

On July 13, 2015, Fluent and CAKE hosted a joint webinar on how to market effectively to digitally savvy, price-conscious consumers. Jordan Cohen, CMO at Fluent, and Erik Charles, Senior Director of Product Marketing at CAKE, provided key industry insights and tips for acquiring new customers and analyzing the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing programs.

There was a lot of great information shared during the one hour presentation, but here are just a few of the key takeaways:

  • The Current Retail Landscape. Drawing from Fluent’s latest consumer shopping research, CMO Jordan Cohen shared some interesting findings about the current retail landscape and which factors have the greatest impact on consumers’ purchase decisions. Some of those insights include: consumers’ increased price consciousness, the effectiveness of certain promotions and special offers, and the various channels that consumers are most receptive to.
  • The Marketing Funnel. One of the biggest challenges that marketers face today is expand their marketing funnel. This portion of the presentation focused on best practices, tips, and tactics for growing the top of your funnel. From optimizing your call-to-action buttons through testing, to utilizing unique incentive programs to drive interest, there are a number of ways to advance your acquisition efforts from the top down.
  • Engagement Strategies. After acquiring email addresses, the challenge is to keep prospects engaged enough to convert to opportunities and customers. The Omniquire™ approach, explored in the webinar, gives brands touchpoints into every channel.
  • Using Analytics to Your Advantage. 82.2% of performance marketers don’t have the ability to measure cross-channel performance. Most aren’t using proper attribution techniques either to better understand their return on each dollar spent on marketing, and therefore aren’t optimizing their spend properly. CAKE’s Senior Marketing Director, Erik Charles shared how to track the complete customer journey and nurture prospects, and how to increase your customers’ lifetime value. Additionally, Charles covered the importance of accurate attribution and testing to track the complete journey of a customer.

If you were unable to catch the webinar live, you can check out the full recording.

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