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Fluent Debuts Political Acquisition Channel (PAC) at AAPC Conference

PAC will enable political campaigns to rapidly grow database marketing initiatives in run-up to 2016 elections.

Philadelphia, July 9, 2015 – Fluent, Inc., a leading consumer marketing and advertising technology company, today announced the debut of its Political Acquisition Channel (PAC) during a presentation at the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) regional conference in Philadelphia, PA. PAC will leverage Fluent’s precision targeting capabilities and vast digital advertising network to enable political campaigns to identify and acquire their best advocates, with precision, at a massive scale.

“PAC will help political campaigns and agencies across party lines address one of their most fundamental challenges: consistently growing the number of advocates, donors, and voters committed to their causes,” said Jordan Cohen, chief marketing officer, Fluent. “Developing 1:1 marketing programs across multiple channels has become increasingly critical to winning elections, and PAC is uniquely positioned to deliver the quality and scale that campaigns need to win in 2016.”

PAC offers campaigns a number of compelling and unique advantages relative to other digital advertising networks and platforms:

  • Database growth. Whether the objective is getting people signed up for email, direct mail, push notifications, SMS, telemarketing lists, or petitions, PAC can help campaigns acquire hundreds of thousands of new advocates per month. What’s more, each individual is always pre-qualified, and always explicitly opts-in and grants permission to be marketed to within each channel.
  • Deep insights. By leveraging PAC’s real-time survey module, campaigns don’t just dramatically increase the number of advocates on their lists, they also gain deep insight into the issues that matter most to each individual, facilitating the ability to communicate with them in a highly personalized manner from the get-go.
  • Perpetual Optimization. PAC ingests performance data provided by campaigns in order to constantly optimize ad campaigns and hone in on individuals who are most likely to be engaged advocates and supporters of their organizations.
  • Pay-for-Performance. PAC’s performance-based pricing model means campaigns only pay when individuals respond to their ads, never for wasted impressions or clicks that go nowhere.

“What really sets PAC apart is the deep insight into each individual advocate, and what makes him or her tick,” said Cohen. “We’re not just helping campaigns acquire “Jane Lewis,” we’re helping them acquire “Jane Lewis, a Democrat (or Republican), who cares deeply about gun control and health care, and is likely to donate $500 over the course of a campaign.”

“A small number of launch partners have already begun to use PAC and are achieving great results from both a volume and performance perspective,” said Cohen. “We look forward to seeing more campaigns leverage the platform as the campaign season really starts to heat up.”

New “Political Pulse”: Research

In conjunction with today’s announcement, Fluent also released its latest “Political Pulse” research, examining the issues at the forefront of the public’s agenda, and which candidates are currently leading the pack. The July 2015 edition highlights the results of a nationwide poll of over 2,000 American adults and is available as a complimentary download at:

About Fluent

Fluent is the industry leader in digital customer acquisition for B2C, nonprofit, and political campaign marketers. The company’s proprietary ad serving technology and extensive digital media network enables marketers to acquire their best customers and advocates, with precision, at a massive scale. Leveraging compelling promotional content, 1st-party data, and real-time survey interaction with consumers, Fluent has helped more than 500 leading brands and direct marketers acquire millions of customers and advocates since its inception. The company is privately held and based in New York City. For more information, visit

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