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Fluent Debuts “Political Pulse” Research

Fluent is pleased to announce the launch of its “Political Pulse” series of research, which provides unique insights into the nation’s electorate as the 2016 U.S. presidential election gets underway.

In our first report, we are pleased to share the findings of a survey of 1,268 American adults, which sought to find out:

  • Which issues are at the forefront of the public’s mind, and how do factors like age, gender, and political affiliation influence what people care about?
  • Which potential presidential candidates appear the strongest prior to the official launch of the campaign season?
  • Which of the primary political parties currently has the most fired up constituency?

While we won’t reveal all of the findings here (you’ll have to download the full report for that!), some of the key takeaways include:

  • Healthcare tops the list of issues facing the United States: When giving a menu of top issues to choose from, healthcare was cited by 22.7% of survey respondents as the most important issue facing the nation today. The next top concerns are government functionality (18.2%) and foreign policy (12.2%).
  • Surprise! (okay, maybe not) – Hillary and Jeb are the early frontrunners… Of course it’s VERY early in the process, but when asked who would be the respective parties’ candidates for president in 2016, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush came out on top.
  • The Republicans Are Fired Up: If the presidential election was held today, the Republican candidate would probably win: 60.2% of survey respondents who identified themselves as Republican party members or supporters said they plan to vote in next year’s general election, compared to 51% of Democrats.

Click here to download your complimentary copy of Fluent’s “Political Pulse: March 2015”, and check back for regular updates as we continue to take the pulse of the American public heading into the 2016 campaign season and elections.

Also, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for future survey questions and insights. Leave them in the comments, below, or email our team at

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