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Fluent Partners with LiveRamp

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Publication date 2/22/16

Fluent, a provider of digital marketing and customer acquisition, is teaming up with LiveRamp, a provider of data onboarding and connectivity services. The partnership will extend the reach of Fluent’s first-party data assets and on-the-fly audience creation capability to all channels, including display, mobile, social, video, and addressable television.

“We are extremely excited to be announcing our partnership with LiveRamp,” said Ryan Schulke, CEO of Fluent, in a statement. “Our integration will extend the reach of Fluent’s immensely powerful, real-time audience identification and creation capabilities and make it easy for marketers across any vertical to target their best customers, with precision, across every device and channel.”

With Fluent’s AudienceNow for LiveRamp, marketers will be able to build and target custom audiences by tapping into Fluent’s first-party data reservoir of more than 120 million U.S. consumers and its proprietary survey platform, which surveys more than 500,000 American adults and generates more than 5.5 million unique survey responses every day. These audiences can be onboarded into any of the hundreds of marketing platforms integrated with LiveRamp for  targeting across virtually every channel and device.

“Savvy marketers are constantly on the lookout for high-value data sources that deliver superior results,” said Travis May, president and general manager of LiveRamp, in a statement. “We are excited to activate Fluent’s data across the digital marketing ecosystem so more companies can benefit from a people-based approach to marketing that delivers better consumer experiences and higher ROI.”

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