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Engaging almost 30 million consumers monthly via our own digital media properties, we capture first-party insights and connect advertisers with audiences that are ready to act. By leveraging real-time survey capabilities and exploring key trends, Fluent enables marketers to better understand and respond to shifts in consumer behavior with actionable insights and recommendations.

What marketers need to know today

Medicare Open Enrollment: Insights for Insurance Providers

We surveyed 10K+ Americans over 65 to better understand their needs this annual Medicare Open Enrollment period. Check out the findings to learn why a strong focus on education – especially via the call center channel – will be key to keeping consumers dialed in during AEP.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Deals and convenience shape mobile payment app use across generations

Payment apps are entering the mainstream as consumers seek to make safer and more convenient transactions. We surveyed our audience to learn which mobile payment apps they’re using most often, how often they’re doing so, and what they value most in these services.

Consumers and COVID: Insights from 20+ surveys across retail, gaming, and more

We're leveraging our real-time survey capabilities to help businesses and municipalities respond to the changing needs of consumers. From a rise in streaming media to shifting shopping habits, see what we've learned about the impact of COVID-19 on everyday life in America.

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