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Fluent Releases New Home Services Research at LeadsCon

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Publication date 3/15/16

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fluent, LLC, an IDI company (NYSE MKT: IDI) and industry leader in people-based digital marketing and customer acquisition, today released new research on the U.S. home services industry at the annual LeadsCon conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The “Consumer Pulse: Home Services 2016” report covers a range of topics of interest to marketers in the home services industry, spanning everything from consumer likelihood to buy or rent their next home, to whether they will be conducting home improvement projects in the year ahead.

Fluent’s poll of 3,816 American adults revealed many key findings, including:

  • 1 in 6 Americans plan to move to a new home this year. They are evenly split in terms of whether they will buy or rent their new homes.
  • Only 33% of renters have renter’s insurance. When asked why they were uninsured, 1 in 5 respondents said they were simply “too busy” to get insurance.
  • More Americans have internet service than cable television or a landline phone. In addition, more people say they have Netflix (48%) than a home telephone (44%).
  • The kitchen dominates when it comes to interior home improvement projects. Of those who plan to renovate, 43% say they will be doing work on their kitchens, compared to 16% who will be working on their bedrooms, 14% on bathrooms, and 13% on living rooms.

“Home services is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, and represents a massive opportunity for marketers,” said Matt Conlin, president of Fluent. “Whether marketers are pitching flooring projects, mortgages, or telecommunications services, the most critical factor to their success is reaching consumers who are in market for these types of products and services at the moment they are looking for them.”

Fluent is the premier database marketing company that is regularly publishing consumer market research leveraging its network data and proprietary survey platform. The company surveys over 500,000 American adults and generates over 5.5 million unique survey responses every day. Insights gleaned from Fluent’s surveys fuel highly relevant and precise ad targeting and lookalike modeling, and are also used for the rapid execution of market research.

Fluent will be distributing hard copies of “Consumer Pulse: Home Services 2016” at its booth at LeadsCon (#620), and it is also available for download at:

In addition, Fluent will be previewing new lead generation products for marketers in the home services category at its booth during the event. To pre-schedule a meeting with a Fluent representative at LeadsCon, please send a request via

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