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Fluent Teams With LiveRamp To Extend Custom Audience Targeting Beyond The CRM

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Publication date 2/22/16

Fluent is launching a new audience modeling and customer acquisition product called AudienceNow for LiveRamp. The partnership with LiveRamp is designed to extend Fluent‘s capabilities in performance marketing into traditional display.

Until now, Fluent has focused on serving performance marketers with CPA-based offerings. AudienceNow will be CPM-based. The company acquires user data in real time through surveys deployed on a network of sites that can then be leveraged for ad targeting. Fluent says users complete five to six million surveys every day.

“We were finding that marketers often access third-party data which can be modeled data off of modeled data — and often bots,” said Matt Conlin, President of Fluent, by phone. “We have registered users that have been validated and self-declared which adds an extra layer of credibility. AudienceNow is about bringing the power of performance marketing to display advertising. It is designed for new customer acquisition, unlike retargeting with CRM data.”

Conlin says audience sets can be as recent as just a day old or include up to 12 months of respondents, depending on the size needed. Once the audiences are onboarded into LiveRamp, audience targeting can be deployed and modeled in real time across hundreds of digital channels or integrated with DSPs and DMPs.

LiveRamp says pilot campaigns have shown lifts in performance compared to standard targeting within DSPs.  Initial tests have yielded an average 124 percent lift in click-through rates, and 144 percent lift in effective-Cost-per-Acquisition.

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