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Fluent’s Devices & Demographics Report: Can You Hear ‘Em Now?

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Publication date 2/5/16

Fluent released its 2nd annual Devices & Demographics research report. It looks at the latest trends in consumer device adaption and the impact of demographics on consumer behavior.

According to the report, the explosion of mobile advertising growth continued in 2015, with the percentage of ads viewed on mobile devices growing from 60% of all interactions in Q4 2014 to nearly 80% in Q4 2015.

Interestingly, women are more “mobile inclined” than men.



Additional key points from the study:

* In 2015, nearly 90% of adults aged 18-24 were on mobile

Android grew its lead over iOS: 72% of mobile interactions occurred through Android devices, a 4% net increase over last year. Meanwhile, iOS interactions dropped from 32% to 27%

37% of American consumers made purchases on their smartphones in 2015

*Smartphone shoppers make most of their purchases through mobile apps rather than websites.
But people use their smartphones for email more than any other app or function (including talking!)
What would make them use their phones more? And for more purposes?



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