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Has Mobile Finally Leveled Out?

Fresh off the heels of Google’s announcement that consumers are now conducting more searches on smartphones and tablets than they are on desktops and laptops, is Fluent’s latest “Devices and Demographics” research report, which found that the percentage of online ads displayed on mobile devices compared to tethered ones has leveled out, accounting for around 60% in both Q1 2015 and Q4 2014.

We suppose this had to happen sooner or later. Tablet sales notoriously began slowing last year. Meanwhile, smartphones began outselling feature phones over a year and a half ago (Q2 2013), and are virtually ubiquitous now.

While we expect the 60% mobile-mark to hold over the next several quarters, the “mobile plateau” we’re seeing today will probably be short lived: our study also showed that the youngest adult demographic, 18 – 24 year olds, were on mobile devices over 80% of the time, and mobile usage was less prevalent in each subsequent age group (25 – 44 year olds were on mobile 68% of the time; 45 – 64 = 54%; 65+ = just 27%).

So, right now we are witnessing “the calm before the storm” of total mobilegeddon (the one that will happen even beyond the walls of Google’s revised search algorithm).

For more mobile advertising facts, stats, and useful charts, download Fluent’s “Devices and Demographics: Q1 2015.”

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