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Holiday Shopping: Tips for Brands and Retailers

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Publication date 10/27/2017

Shoppers are getting ready for the holiday season — and so should brands and retailers. According to a report by marketing agency Fluent, brands and retailers need to be especially thoughtful in order to attract customers this holiday. Findings included that, of the 62 percent of Gen Z and Millennials who plan to shop on Black Friday, just 54 percent of them intend to shop on Cyber Monday — and more than half of them (about 61 percent) will make this year’s holiday purchases via Amazon.

Tanya Levina, Fluent’s research director, said the report showed that a larger proportion of younger consumers will be shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared to older generations, and that these younger audiences are more inclined to think that relevant deals are worth the wait and potential hassle — from long lines to busy parking lots.

“Younger consumers feel better about their finances compared to last year and are planning to up their holiday shopping spend. At the same time, they have lower incomes than older consumers, so it is more important for them to score a deal,” she explained.

Levina noted that in order to entice these younger shoppers, brands and retailers should implement targeted messaging to these audiences around Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Having a strong online marketing strategy will be critical, she added, particularly since online ads are the most common source of information for shoppers.

Fluent’s team also forecasted that gift certificates will be the top pick for presents this season. Accordingly, Levina urged brands and retailers to entertain deals that feature gift cards.

Summing up, Levina stressed the importance of seamless shopping on a mobile device (it is the younger generations’ favorite way to shop, she explained.) “Having a mobile optimized website is a must for retailers going into the 2017 shopping season,” she said.

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