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After receiving overwhelming interest in our recent Marketing to Women report, we are pleased to share our marketing behavior analysis about male consumers.

In our new “Marketing to Men” research report, we share the results of a recent survey of American men designed to better understand the impact of online and offline marketing channels on their purchasing decisions and how engagement varies across different age groups. The results in this report compare some findings with the results in our companion “Marketing to Women” report, where we surveyed American women.

Our research, based on a poll of 2,291 American adults conducted on April 21, 2016, found that:

  • Men engage with newer digital channels more often than womenMen report following brands on social media, signing up for email newsletters, and signing up for mobile notifications more often than women. However, women more frequently check online customer reviews.
  • Once men have engaged with a channel, it is more likely to spur them to make a purchaseFor all channels, men are more likely to say the channel has made them more likely to make a purchase than women.
  • Men use mobile apps and make purchases with them more often than women38% of men say they download mobile apps for stores they visit regularly most times or every time, compared with 28% of women. Furthermore, men who have downloaded apps are more likely to make purchases with them than women.
  • Gender-neutral advertising is preferred by both gendersBoth genders report seeing gender-specific marketing at about the same rate and overwhelmingly (71% of men and 74% of women) prefer gender-neutral messages.
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