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Political Pulse: Kicking Off 2018

As we settle in for the rest of the post-holiday winter season and turn our attention back to national news, the political world ramps up for midterm elections. In our survey of American consumers, we put our finger on the pulse of politics: here’s how Americans really feel.

Democrats (40%) and Republicans (39%) are the most likely groups to vote in the upcoming midterms, while only 21% of independents plan on showing up at the polls. Trump supporters may be in luck, as 36% of people who do not support the president are not likely to vote in November; but don’t count out independent voters just yet. This segment of voters is growing as people turn away from traditional party affiliation and could use their numbers to make a difference at the polls.

Those planning on voting are falling in line with political affiliations, with Republicans, Democrats, and independents all most likely to vote for their own parties in both the 2018 midterm and 2020 presidential election. However, people backing President Trump are more likely to vote in the 2020 election than those who oppose him.

How likely are you to vote in the 2020 presidential election? Does Not Support Trump Supports Trump
Absolutely certain 41% 54%
Very likely 17% 22%
About 50/50 13% 11%
Not very likely 9% 4%
Not at all likely 20% 9%

Here is where it gets interesting. Though only 33% of Americans are certain they will vote in the midterm elections, 51% follow politics and 71% care who wins control of Congress in 2018. 18% of Americans have contacted their congressional representatives in the past year, with Republicans, Democrats, Trump supporters, and Trump detractors reporting having reached out at equal rates.

Stay tuned for more updates! We will be providing bi-weekly tips on the political outlook as the midterm election campaigns ramp up.

Top Issues Facing the US per Party Affiliation. (Multi-select)
Democrats Republicans Total
Healthcare reform 59% 57% 54%
Gun violence 53% 25% 37%
Income inequality 47% 21% 32%
Terrorism 45% 62% 50%
Tax reform 44% 49% 43%
Budget deficit and economy 44% 46% 42%
Education reform 40% 28% 33%
Climate change 39% 12% 25%
Foreign relations 37% 37% 35%
Immigration reform 37% 49% 40%
Other 26% 20% 30%
Reproductive rights 23% 11% 15%


Fluent is a data-driven performance marketing company. The “2018 Political Pulse” was conducted online within the United States by Fluent, LLC among American adults (aged 18 and up for both waves). Due to rounding, percentages may not always add up to 100%. Fluent’s proprietary ad serving technology includes a real-time survey module that was used to facilitate the data collection for this study. Respondents were randomly selected and data were weighted to US Census 2010 population distribution.

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