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Political Pulse 2018: III

As Americans reel from another State of the Union address and eventful Super Bowl, we took the temperature of the political climate. Presidential popularity is fairly flat, with 74% of Republicans believing Trump to be a successful president and 41% of all Americans reporting the same. 34% of Americans are certain they will vote in the midterm elections and those voters are equally as likely to vote Democrat as they are to vote Republican. Americans are more excited about the 2020 presidential elections, with 44% reporting that they are already planning to vote.

Half of Americans say they follow politics, but only 19% have contacted their representatives in the past year. Democrats and Republicans report contacting their representatives at equal rates, though Republicans say they care slightly more about which party has control of Congress.

President Trump boasted viewing numbers after his State of the Union, to which 45.6 million people tuned in. According to our survey, 39% of US adults planned to watch; 19% did turn on the television during the speech.

Immigration has been the hot political topic of the past few weeks, with national attention turned toward DACA and DREAMers. 45% of Americans feel that DACA recipients (children of immigrants who came to the US illegally at a young age) should be provided a path to citizenship. Equal percentages of Americans support and do not have an opinion on building a border wall (31%), while 38% oppose it.

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Top Issues Facing the US, Per Political Party
Total Democrat Republican
Healthcare reform 54% 60% 53%
Immigration reform 47% 48% 55%
Budget deficit and economy 45% 46% 47%
Terrorism 44% 42% 49%
Tax reform 39% 44% 40%
Gun violence 37% 49% 26%
Education reform 35% 41% 30%
Income inequality 33% 42% 22%
Foreign relations 32% 37% 29%
Opioid crisis 29% 32% 28%
Climate change 26% 36% 15%
Reproductive rights 17% 25% 11%
Other 34% 33% 27%


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