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Political Pulse 2018: IV

While the past two weeks have brought tragedy, through the worst school shooting since Newtown, and speculation, in Trump’s recently released budget proposal, we paused to feel the pulse of American perceptions on politics.

About one-third of American adults are certain they will vote in the midterm elections, with republicans and democrats equally likely to vote. Overall, Republican contenders have a slight preference over Democrats in 2018 as well as 2020. Half of Americans say they follow politics, 18% have contacted their representatives in the past year, and 41% consider Donald Trump to be a successful president.

On a hot topic, Americans are talking about Trump’s proposed budget. While 61% have at least heard about it, Republicans are more likely to have done their research, with 29% saying they know a lot about it. The budget cuts funds for National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcast Station (PBS), which only 15% of Americans agree with – though that number is overwhelmingly Republican with only 4% of Democrats agreeing.

We were interested how many Americans watch PBS and came up with some suspicious numbers. Only 42% of consumers said they watch PBS with 51% of Democrats admitting to tuning into shows like Sesame Street, Curious George, and Antiques Roadshow. However, only 37% of Republicans claimed they watch PBS, with Antiques Roadshow winning the most popular.

Plot twist: according to data from Nielsen, that number should be much higher; 80% of American households watch PBS and 64% of kids aged 2-8 watched PBS in the past year.

Below is our bi-weekly update on the most critical issues facing the nation, according to the two major political parties. Please note that this survey was run prior to the tragic shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Top Issues Facing the US, Per Political Party
Total Democrat Republican
Healthcare reform 56% 64% 55%
Terrorism 47% 47% 55%
Budget deficit and economy 47% 52% 49%
Immigration reform 46% 47% 54%
Tax reform 40% 45% 42%
Gun violence 38% 56% 24%
Education reform 36% 44% 30%
Income inequality 35% 47% 24%
Foreign relations 32% 39% 31%
Opioid crisis 32% 36% 34%
Climate change 26% 37% 13%
Reproductive rights 17% 25% 11%
Other 36% 32% 26%


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