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Political Pulse 2018: V

Our fifth installment of the Political Pulse comes after a tumultuous week for the White House, new tariffs, Oscars weekend, and the world watching Americans’ reactions to the mass shooting problem. Over half of Americans are planning to vote in the midterms and 65% plan to vote in 2020, with Democrats and Republicans equally likely to get the votes. Just less than half of Americans report following politics, 17% contacted their elected representative in the past year, and 69% care about which political party wins control of Congress in the fall.

We tried to gauge overall sentiments around gun violence and gun control in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting; while the issue of protecting gun owners vs. controlling gun ownership is split along party lines, both Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly support at least two gun control measures. Specifically, members of both parties agree on background checks on all gun sales and preventing the mentally ill from purchasing guns. However, left-leaning Americans are more likely to support measures to prevent domestic abusers from owning guns, mandatory training for gun owners, and banning assault-style weapons; they are also more likely to oppose allowing teachers to carry guns in school. Overall, arming teachers is unpopular with 56% of Americans opposing.

Finally, an update on how Americans rank hot-topic issues. Gun violence, previously in 6th place, has moved to the head of the pack.

Top Issues Facing the US, Per Political Party
Total Democrat Republican
Gun violence 51% 68% 37%
Healthcare reform 50% 55% 51%
Terrorism 45% 42% 53%
Immigration reform 44% 42% 53%
The budget deficit and economy 41% 43% 46%
Tax reform 34% 37% 35%
Education reform 33% 39% 28%
Income inequality 29% 39% 20%
Opioid crisis 29% 32% 29%
Foreign relations 28% 33% 28%
Climate change 23% 34% 10%
Reproductive rights 15% 22% 10%
Other 31% 26% 25%


Fluent’s Political Pulse survey was conducted online within the United States by Fluent, LLC on February 27, 2018, among 2,625 adults (aged 18 and up). Due to rounding, percentages may not always add up to 100%. Fluent’s proprietary ad serving technology includes a real-time survey module that was used to facilitate the data collection for this study. Respondents were randomly selected and data were weighted to US Census 2010 population distribution.

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