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Interactive Data (IDI) Makes Analytics into Intelligence

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Publication date 3/24/16

Nowadays, the word analytics is ubiquitously used in every board room across every sector worldwide, and it has become nothing but a buzz word. People use it and rarely know what it takes to do it properly. Interactive Data Inc. (IDI) and its subsidiaries are one of the few companies that are doing it well.

IDI takes streams of data that can be quite wide-ranging and converts them into knowledge and portfolios on people, businesses, assets, and their connections and channels in between. Companies like Chili’s, Amazon, Bloomingdales, eBay, JCPenney, Pepsi, Progressive, Mastercard, and many more use IDI’s Fluent to target consumers through analytically-driven ad campaigns. For example, take a look at what Fluent did for Pepsi.

The Pepsi Pure campaign allowed customers to receive benefits and Fluent got 250,000 new newsletters signups through the campaign.

This type of success is turning into growth for the company. Florida Governor Rick Scott just praised IDI for their job creation in the Florida area by 40 new jobs in the last two years in the Boca Raton area. The Governor made this statement in a State press release: “I am excited to visit IDI today to celebrate their recent success and the creation of 40 jobs over the past two years. IDI is one of many small businesses growing in Florida and plans to add 200 new jobs over the next few years…”

IDI through Fluent just recently released an eye-opening report on the home services industry. The report “Consumer Pulse: Home Services 2016” had some very interesting finding that could be useful to those who do home improvements, lend out mortgages, or work in or around the home. This report was passed out at LeadsCon Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Its precisely these types of reports that make what IDI and its companies so valuable.


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