Investing in the success of minority
and women-led businesses
for a more equitable world

We are excited to announce our five finalists for 2021’s Business Empowerment Program. Congratulations to CapWay, EDEN BodyWorks, Jopwell, Official Black Wall Street, and Waiver! You can read more about the recipients below and check out the press release here.

Thank you to the 271 applicants who shared their digital marketing goals and inspiring stories with us. We received submissions from a variety of innovative brands and wish you all the best with your growth in 2021 and beyond. 

As part of Fluent’s ongoing DEI initiative, the Business Empowerment Program supports minority and women-led businesses to succeed in today’s digital economy. 

Through this business accelerator initiative, Fluent is helping program recipients discover what many of the world’s leading marketers already have – a unique channel to grow their business online. 

Applications for our 2021 program are now closed but stay tuned for updates on this year’s recipients. Missed the deadline but interested in working with Fluent? Get in touch with us here.

2021 Business Empowerment Grant Recipients



What is Fluent’s Business Empowerment Program?
Fluent is dedicating a total of $250,000 in media and/or resource funding across its proprietary advertising platform and marketplace for five minority and women owned businesses to enable growth and scale throughout 2021.

Who is Fluent?
Fluent, a leading performance marketing company with an expertise in creating meaningful connections between consumers and brands. Leveraging proprietary first-party data asset made up of over 190 million opted-in consumer profiles, Fluent drives intelligent growth strategies that deliver superior outcomes. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in New York City.

Who qualifies?
Candidates must be at least 51% minority and/or women owned, operated, and controlled; as well as physically located in North America. A minority group member are individuals whose ethnic background is at least 25% of one of the following: Asian-Indian, Asian-Pacific, Black, Hispanic, or Native American; or gender expression or sexual identity. Candidates who have a financial or familial relationship with a Fluent employee that would present a conflict of interest will not be eligible for this grant. Candidates must have digital marketing programs in place.

What is DEI?
Fluent’s employee led group, Diversity Equality Inclusion (DEI), creates a variety of opportunities for connection and education that drive reflection, empathy, and positive change at both Fluent and communities. The group’s objective is to make Fluent, the advertising industry, and the world a more inclusive and compassionate place through these initiatives.