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It’s a Man’s World for Android

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Published on 5/18/15

Mobile Advertising Watch was privy last week to an exclusive sneak peek at the Q1 Device & Demo’s report  from Fluent.

Once again, Fluent’s report dives deep into the characteristics of today’s digital consumers, including how they’re using their mobile devices, how they’re warming up to mCommerce, and even how they are taking part in what Fluent calls an increasingly fragmented digital world.

Based on data and analytics from millions of interactions across the Fluent network that took place between January 1 – March 31, 2015, some of the key findings worth noting from the latest report are strikingly apparent.

Mobile usage, for example, is finally “leveling out.” According to the report, Fluent says “58.2% of interactions with Fluent’s ad network took place on mobile devices in Q1 2015.” That’s down slightly from the 60.2% that did in Q4 2014. At 2%, the difference is negligible, but suggests that the mobile vs. web divide may be stabilizing… for now, Fluent argues.

Additionally, the media & entertainment category overtook retail in Q1 2015 when it came to the best performing offers on Fluent’s advertising network. The next best categories were financial services and health & pharma.

Also, as it turns out, Android is a guy thing.

Once again, Android was the most dominant mobile operating system during the first quarter, accounting for more than two-thirds of all mobile interactions on Fluent’s ad network.

Android’s lead “is especially pronounced among men overall (74.8%) and the 25 – 44 year old age demo (72.5%).” Fluent asserts that females were slightly more likely to be on mobile than males, and across all age groups, the 18 – 24 year old demographic skewed heavily to mobile.

Fluent’s freshly published new report is available online now at no charge.

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