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Media industry measurement companies comScore and Rentrak to merge

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Publication date 9/30/15

Two of the leading media industry measurement companies, comScore and Rentrak, announced today that they will merge in a deal valued at over $700 million.

The combined companies will now be a more formidable competitor to industry leader Nielsen. comScore CEO Serge Matta, who will remain CEO of the combined company

“Over the better part of the past decade, TV measurement has grown more complex as people began viewing content on their own terms and on their own time,” wrote the two company’s CEOs, Serge Matta of comScore and Bill Livek of Rentrak. “At the same time, we’ve seen the emergence of digital media, which has expanded from the PC to mobile to an increasing number of connected devices in the home. Putting all of these pieces together in a comprehensive media measurement system is no small feat, and it requires completely new rules of engagement.”

“Together we have an even more powerful ability to deliver what our clients and the media industry have long been asking for: a comprehensive cross-platform measurement currency that accounts for all the ways in which content is consumed, whether that happens on a desktop, mobile device, live or time-shifted TV, video on demand or through over-the-top devices,” Matta said in the announcement for the merger.

“This deal highlights the sea change occurring across the video consumption landscape and the potential opportunities that exist,” said Sean Cullen, EVP for Product and Technology at Fluent. “ComScore is a company rooted in digital tracking and measurement, and they must see the opportunity that exists to take marketshare in the realm of online video consumption.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the emergence of digital media set-top boxes such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku and streaming services such as SlingTV and Apple’s rumored streaming service spurred this merger,” Cullen said.

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