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MediaPost: Smartwatch ownership: Millennials 44%, non-millennials 23%

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Publication date 8/21/2016

Millennials are gravitating to the Internet of Things, at least compared to other demographic groups.

As might be expected, most (87%) millennials have a smartphone, the same as those older than 35, according to a new survey.

However, when it comes to smartwatches, almost two times more millennials than non-millennials have one, based on a survey of 1,800 millennials and 1,200 non-millennials conducted by Fluent.

While 23% of non-millennials own a smartwatch, 44% of millennials do, according to the survey.

Even some teens are likely to own a wearable, according to a different study. That survey, by marketing technology company Adestra, found that 9% of teens are likely to own a wearable along with 19% of millennials. That study identified millennials as those 19-34 years old, while the Fluent survey included those 18 years old.

Many millennials also tend to favor Apple devices compared to non-millennials, according to Fluent. Here’s the breakdown of Apple products owned by millennials:

  • 38% — iPhone
  • 19% — iPad
  • 18% — Mac
  • 13% — Apple Watch

More than two times the number of millennials vs. non-millennials own an Apple Watch. Every category is higher than non-millennials. Here are the Apple devices owned by non-millennials:

  • 29% — iPhone
  • 16% — iPad
  • 13% — Mac
  • 6% — Apple Watch

The two groups also view privacy somewhat differently. More non-millennials (74%) than millennials (62%) are concerned that companies will not respect their privacy in using personal information.

Besides smartwatches, other IoT devices win the attention of millennials. In a survey of 1,300 U.S. adults conducted by Parks Associates for Coldwell Banker, 61% of millennials expressed an interest in smart homes.

Millennials have grown up digital and the Internet of Things is simply adding to their internetworking.

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